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Marine Forest Creation Project

Project Purpose

Secure stable supply of national marine resources by creating marine forests in calcified seashores and restoring the coastal ecosystem through systematic management

Utilize marine forests as means of carbon dioxide absorber and source of biomass supply, and lead low-carbon eco-friendly projects providing cultural space for marine tourism and education

※ Calcification (Chlorosis): Ocean desertification caused from the climate change, where large seaweeds in rocky seashores become extinct and are replaced by crutose coralline algae, resulting in the decrease of marine resources

Necessity of the Project

Proceed restoration projects enhancing natural circulation of the ecosystem that can solve the reduction of marine resources caused from the calcification and destruction of the marine ecosystem

Urgency to develop a production base of marine food as a preemptive solution to food security problems that rise along with the increase of global population and decrease of agricultural land

※ As the world population is expected to reach 9.3 billion by 2050 (UN, 5 May, 2012), it is foreseen that the main food supply base will shift from land to sea in the future

Project Plan

Development goal/output: Restoration of fishing villages (20,500ha in 2009-2020) / 3,283ha in 2009-2013)

Development effect: Improvement of the coastal ecosystem 1 year after restoration

※ Increase in number of species (seaweed 43%, benthic organism 192%) and biomass (seaweed 12%, benthic organism 43%)

해조류고사(갯녹음) 해조류 이식 바다숲조성

Medium and Long-term Project Strategy of Marine Forest Creation

바다숲 사업 중장기 전략

Main Contents of Marine Forest Creation

  Execution Period
2009~2014 2015 2020 2030
Creation area (accumulation) 5,709 ha 7,000 ha 15,000 ha 35,000 ha
Strategy - Marine forest creation Seek and explore useful marine plants
- Secure marine forest development site in advance (Considering the climate change)
- Promote the Marine Gardening Day

- Seek and explore marine plants that can adapt to high water temperature
- Explore and preserve natural ocean forests
- Collaborate with environmental organizations. Expand the scale of the event
- Develop widespread, clear-water marine plants
- Expand creation of low-costㆍ high –efficient marine forests
- Globalize the Marine Gardening Day
- Create ascidiansㆍ coral reefs marine forests
- Provide space such as experience areas in order to enhance the happiness of people
- Establish reforestation campaigns

Core Technologies for Marine Forest Creation

※ Forestation techniques: Installation of marine forest plant facilities, submerged mooring ropes technique, spore pocket technique, transplant panel technique, sea grass transplantation


Marine Forest Development Map

바다숲 조성 해역도
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