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What is an artificial reef project?

Definition of artificial reefs

Artificial reefs are man-made structures placed in the sea to attract, protect, and cultivate marine organisms. It is one of the main methods of creating marine resources, utilizing the environment and characteristics of marine life

Process of installing an artificial reef


적지조사 의뢰 > 적지조사 > 인공어초 시공 > 사후관리 인공어초 시설에 의한 자원증대
- 사업에 따른 어류 자원량 증대 -
수심 15m - 패조류용 어초시설수역(신요철형어초, 반구형어초 등)
수심 30m - 중·소형 어류용 어초 시설수역(사각형어초, 상자형어초, 팔각반구형강제어초, 2단 상자형대형강제어초 등)
수심 45m~70m - 대형어류용 어초시설수역(강제어선어초, 팔각반구형대형강제어초)

Request for a site suitability assessment

The city•province requests FIRA for a site suitability assessment, in order to install the artificial reef in an optimal area

Site suitability assessment

FIRA conducts a site suitability assessment
※Contents of the site suitability assessment
1)Longitude and latitude of the site: Calculation of the longitude and latitude of the requested site
2)Examination of the water distribution and seafloor topography
3)Water quality investigation
4)Research on the substratum distribution
5)Investigation on the presence of natural bedrocks, environmental characteristics, and inhabitation of organisms
6)Final judgment

Construction of artificial reefs

The city•province takes action in constructing the artificial reef at the confirmed area after site the suitability assessment. The city•province also manages information about the construction company, fishing village fraternities, types and number of artificial reefs in the area, facility area, etc

Follow-up management

Investigations on the effectiveness of the artificial reefs are done 2 to 3 years after installation. Furthermore, information on the sea area, location, condition of each artificial reef complex, arrangement form, condition of the living organisms, location information through Side-scan sonar, the form of the artificial reefs using multi beams, other information from underwater investigation, information on waste materials are all included in the follow-up management

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