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Project background

With the purpose of vitalizing the local economy and inducing continuous production of marine products by creating marine resources in coastal fisheries in a short period of time, the technology and experience attained from the pilot marine ranch project will be applied throughout the entire project. The plan was established in 2005, and the project has begun in 2006 starting from Gangneung City, Gunsan City, Geoje City, and Seogwipo City. The project is expected to be expanded to 50 sites with high potential by 2020

Create a marine forest that directly links to the income of fishermen

Develop regional specialty products from the specialized marine ranches

- Floating cage fish farming : Fish + sea cucumbers

- Abalone marine ranch: Abalones + marine plants (kelp, seaweed)

- Experience type marine ranch: Sea pineapples, Venus clams, abalones, fishing

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