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What is a seedlings releasing project?

Seedlings releasing is artificially producing fish and shellfish, selecting only the young and healthy fish after infectious disease testing, and releasing them in a suitable environment, with the purpose of increasing marine resources. After the releasing of seedlings, continuous investigations and studies of the releasing effects are followed by various methods including monitoring genetic diversity. This includes studying how much seedlings releasing contributes to increasing marine resources, and whether a healthy environment is being maintained after the releasing

Current status of the seedlings releasing project

Releasing period: Ongoing since 1967

Total released amount: 4.85 billion seedlings (as of 2011)                                                          

      - Government purchased: 1.58 billion seedlings, laboratories: 2.5 billion seedlings, local government: 770 million seedlings

  • Amount of acquired and released seedling: 1.583 billion seedlings (1986~2012)                                                   
  •      - 90% of the total quantity is from 7 major species types including jumbo shrimps, blue crabs, flatfish, kuruma prawns, jacopevers, and abalones          
  •      - 81% of the total expense is from 7 major species including abalones, flatfish, blue crabs, sea cucumbers, and jacopevers.            
  •      - Current status of seedlings releasing
방류량(만마리), 누계치(백만마리)
2006년 방류량 : 13,000 ~ 14,000 마리 가량, 누계치 : 900백만마리 가량
2007년 방류량 : 6,000 ~ 7,000 마리 가량, 누계치 : 500백만마리 가량
2008년 방류량 : 8,000 마리 가량, 누계치 : 500 백만마리 가량
2009년 방류량 : 10,000 마리 가량, 누계치 : 600 백만마리 가량
2010년 방류량 : 16,000 마리 가량, 누계치 : 1,100 백만마리 가량
2011년 방류량 : 14,000 마리 가량, 누계치 : 950 백만마리 가량 물량기준 금액기준
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