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Sea Reforestation Project

Background and Necessity of the Reforestation Project

The calcification in coastal waters are causing the destruction of spawning grounds and habitats of fisheries, leading to decrease in marine resources and the destruction of the marine ecosystem. Marine forest creation projects are in process, with the purpose to restore the ecological system.


* 47 marine forests have been created in 2009~2013 (3,334ha, KRW 72.2 billion)

Calcification is causing decrease in potential resources and natural seaweed beds which have the highest absorption rate of greenhouse gas. This has raised the importance of ocean reforestation

Necessity of ocean and seashore reforestation projects to reduce excessive pollutants flowing into coastal waters

Enhance the effectiveness of ocean reforestation by exploring new types of marine plants that can adapt to the rising sea temperature caused from the global climate change

Necessity of building a national strategy to restore the ocean ecosystem and marine resources in the territorial waters of Korea (approximately 8 million ha)

Build infrastructure for integrated management of ocean reforestation, through collaboration of related projects within government departments 

Concretize the guideline and purpose of ocean reforestation, while enhancing and developing the existing projects

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